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First Triathlon
I started training for my first triathlon in January 2008 at the age of 57. I set small goals for myself to keep motivated. I use my SportCount 100 to track the laps I swim. I have achieved many small goals including swimming my first mile 7 months after I began swimming! My next goal is to swim 2 miles and I know my SportCount ring will help me track my progress over time and celebrate new victories.

Natural Exercise for Expecting Mum
Swimming was a great way for me to keep active during my pregnancy, and I like to keep track of my laps and time with my SportCount, so when I went in to labour, it was natural to use it to time my contractions. It was a pretty good distraction from the labour pains, too.

Bean Counter No More
I'm so glad for SportCount! I used to count beans in the pool! Literally! For each lap I'd alternate between placing a white or dark bean at the end of the pool on the outside edge. Those beans would let me know how many laps I'd done and how many miles that equated to, and boy was it hard system to use, but I couldn't think of anything better. Beans are heavy to swim with, even in a pouch! I'm thankful SportCount counters are light-weight, resistant to water and don't require extra reaching out of the pool!

Morning Swim Help
I started swimming on a regular basis as I recovered from Achilles tendon surgery this winter.
Day by day I felt I was getting stronger and I was becoming a more efficient swimmer. Training at 6:45a I had the ability to breathe and I could count laps but at that early hour I couldn't do both at the same time. I purchased a SportCount Combo and I worked hard to reduce my lap times each morning. I adhered to the old acronym LOFO, last one fast one. I became curious to see how my times stacked up against others in my age group. I was surprised and delighted to learn that my freestyle and breaststroke times were pretty competitive when compared to standards for 59 year olds. And I was crushed to learn that the reason the times were good was because I was swimming in a twenty yard pool, not a standard 25 yard facility.

Ultra Runner
I participate in ultrarunning events, where the mileage exceeds that of a marathon. In 24 hour track events, the participant is usually required to make visual and verbal contact with his/her assigned lap counter. I use my SportCount to confirm my laps and communicate my lap strategy to the assigned counter, eg., "I'm going to take a walking lap every 10th lap" My SportCount acts as a silent training partner, with the individual lap times, and assists keeping me focused and having fun with the event. My SportCount has been part of many ultraruns, and has definitely assisted me in achieving 100 miles plus in a 24 hour event. I "count" on it for the daily workouts as well. Thanks for helping to keep the smiles in my miles!

In the Winner's Circle
3 years ago I participated in a resistance marathon and [SportCount] helped me to count my laps. I won second place in my category! When you participate in resistance marathons, you have to keep up with the same pace. The first half hour you're ok, the second half you get really tired and your mind sometimes grows distracted, so it was great to keep track of my laps and it sure helped me win!!

Learned to Swim, Lost Weight, and a Better Back
Six years ago I was going to physical therapy for my back. They offered water therapy and I love the water so I took them up on it. I was not a good swimmer but the therapist taught me to swim, I was one of the younger participants and my husband had just been deployed to Iraq. I had the extra time to find swimming aids and gadgets. I would get something and everyone wanted one, so I have probably purchased close to 25 timers, counters, and combos. I now am 70 pounds lighter, my back is much better and I swim a mile each morning at 6am. I have a spreadsheet showing my progress for the last 5 years.

Agriculture Numeration
My SportCount served me well in the fields where we count sheep and other livestock. We herd them through the gate and count them as they run through. I just click once for every ten animals. Works great even in dust or rain.

Penny for your lap?
Before finding out about SportCount, I used to carry a bunch of coins in my swim bag. I would leave a pile at one end of the pool and for every lap I would move a penny from one pile to another representing one lap, two laps will be two pennies, After five laps I would move a nickel and after ten laps it would be a dime. The system works but my swim bag was getting heavy and I got tired of carrying messy coins in my swim bag . . . Let me tell you, the coins get really messy when it reacts with the chlorine! Thank goodness for SportCount!

Counts and Adjust for Small Fingers
My mind wanders while swimming laps in the pool and I lose track of what lap I\'m on. So I did some research and came across SportCount. Luckily a friend had one and I was able to borrow. It adjusted to my tiny fingers and was amazing. I ordered one for me and a friend the next day. Now I don\'t have to count to pass the time of 50+ laps in the pool.

Downhill Mt. Biker
I race downhill mountain bikes, and the SportCount device fits nicely on my handlebars, and allows me to time my laps brilliantly. The simple button, allows me to start/stop without fiddling and whilst wearing my gloves. Brilliant device - so simple.

Twin Palms Counting
I am working with the Twin Palms Center for adults with developmental disabilities. (
We are doing a swim program at the City Of Boca Raton pool and they have a 100-mile swim club. Swim 100- miles in a year, get a metal. The clients can swim but they can`t count the laps. So we want the lap counter. I contacted the Special Olympics in Florida and they are using flip cards on deck. We don`\'t have the volunteers for that. So we are hoping your lap counter will work! Thanks!

Great for all Ages
I`m 83 years old and swim 1200 meters every other day. At my age, I`m lucky to remember my name, let alone how many laps have I swam! Sport count is perfect for my needs.